Voice of Humanity

Looking back at those days when people were unaware of their rights, it seems like everyone has come a long way. Principles have now been recognised globally, women and children’s rights are well known and the LGBT community has their own voice too. Environmental concerns are being addressed openly and with great haste so as to save our beloved planet. Laws have been made internationally in order to discourage aggressive wars. Countries are aware of the impact their decisions have on the neighbours and communities across the world.

Global poverty is also a focal point for wealthy nations where significant efforts are being made in order to tackle the situation. While these efforts are having a positive impact on humanity, it all seemed impossible a few years ago. This being said, the future still looks dark keeping the current trends in mind.

The disturbing situations of refugees, environmental degradation, the increase in nuclear weapons, injustices that still prevail are major concerns today. Democratic governments are facing serious fiscal issues that effects their entire nation. Institutions which are strong both financially and within their community are doing close to nothing to bring a positive change.Online gambling or Online gokken as the dutch like to call it , is also part of our society. They act in their own self-interest which only makes them richer and if possible, more secure.

To add fire to the fuel, emotional and mental health of teenagers is leading to violence. A major concern which needs to be addressed is the youth of the world. The impact of social media, consumerism and the constant thirst for more has resulted in the youth to go awry. Sure, the youth have always been like that – emotional, brave and wanting to prove themselves but things seem to be different this time. The lack of empathy and rise of insouciance is a global concern for humanity.

One might wonder what brings such drastic changes. It does not happen overnight, it takes years of effort and a leader who emerges from within the very same ashes like a phoenix. It takes a nation to rise together and raise a voice of humanity. This cycle continues, after every few decades, someone feels the need that a nation who is ready for change needs a leader. That someone leads the nation out of the darkness, into the light. That leader helps the nation bring the change they needed.

The Power of Public Opinion

In most cases, the public is always a step ahead of their governing bodies when it comes to raising environmental and societal concerns. The public is thus, highly receptive to fresh ideas which prompt key changes in society. This scenario is most effective when it comes to dealing with global issues which require international cooperation. Those institutions which have the influential status to bring a difference are usually reluctant to compromise their own sovereignty for the sake of the nation.

Since at the global level, individuals feel more comfortable in engaging with frameworks which are international as it helps in bypassing national restrictions. At this age of globalisation, people feel they are more connected to each other and think of themselves as global citizens. A survey conducted in 47 countries stated that 72% of those people called themselves a global citizen.

The difference between the public and governing bodies is evident. Where the institutions think at a broader level which protects themselves, the political parties and interest groups, the individuals have a more holistic thinking. Public opinions are therefore, very important when it comes to decision making for the benefits of humanity. They are more likely to think on the grounds of “common good”.





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