Earlier it was not easy to download some of the newly released movies online to watch again and again. But now there are many free movies sites available online line 123movies using which you can even download some newly released movies. There are chances that you cannot be able to find some of the most classic old movies from the movie rental shops. In such scenarios, you can easily find such movies online. There are many other options available online where you can get free and paid movies which you can also download on your devices.

Here are shown some methods using which you can be able to watch movies online.



Online stream

Rather than downloading, you can also stream movies online. By doing so you can be able to find more option and genres of programs. There are some applications which you can download on your smartphone device as well using which you can be able to stream your favorite movies.

Online archive movies

There are many movie sites available online from where you can access your favorite movies online. In such sites, you can be able to find various options of old, new, classic and some featured movies. On earlier days, it was quite difficult to access the newly released movies using online. But now because of the free online movie site, you can easily stream such movies online without paying any extra amount.


Many people have been using torrent applications for downloading the newly released movies. But you should know that using torrent for downloading movies, videos and other entertainment stuff is not the legal way. By doing so there is a chance that your device will be attacked by the virus or other miscellaneous attacks from outside. If you are using torrent for downloading movies then it is better to use public domain platform only where you can be able to download the content legally.

Online subscription

There are numerous online membership services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, where you will be able to get the option of watching some free and paid movies also. If you want you can also download these movies on your device also. You can also watch movies released on YouTube movies and channels also while according to the service you will have to pay charges for accessing the movie online.

Watching movies using online media is much more convenient than going to theatre or renting movies from movie rental shops. You will get numerous option with the movies available on free movies site or you can also use subscription services or YouTube sources to download and enjoy your favorite movie content.