Instagram introduces new features like videos, live videos and stories. Stories are a wonderful platform which also help in building the business as they are helpful in exploring the content widely. Instagram stories help to engage the customers with the more complete message as compared to the single image. The images in the Instagram stories are enhanced with the special filters and appear at the top of someone’s feed. Thus it is proven very profitable for the business.

Here discover the four simple ways to use Instagram stories for your business

Deliver special offers

Deliver special offers to your customers through the unique Instagram story feature. Remember the scarcity of lasting the images of an Instagram story gives them power and also give the better result when you distribute special offers from insta stories.


Add a coupon in your story and mention that the coupon will last till at the end of the story. It will direct the users in your profile bio and make them landing in your page or account. It can help you to gain followers on Instagram which is beneficial for your business.

Share a raw and informal glimpse into your business

Stories are temporary but their impact isn’t. The stories which show real and also a created look to your business that helps to humanize your brand to the current and future potential customers. You can consider showing the behind the scene looks of your team and work.

Show Off your creative process

You can show the creative process of your brand through insta stories like visiting the manufacturer behind your product or a high-quality product of the final item. This kind of creative process helps to build the trust among the customers. Sharing your work with your audience in the Instagram story also build the power of your brand.


Sign on for a takeover

A takeover on an Instagram story is a quick and great way to grow your Instagram account. The takeover is generally taking over other Instagram account or having a business or person take over your account for the 24-hour time period. It is a great fun exercise and gains the special attention of the audiences. It is special because it acts as a deal of beneficial exchange mutually.

Instagram is an amazing and powerful platform for the business and growing continuously. It constantly adding new features which is very beneficial for the business and marketing and one is Instagram stories which brings new opportunities for  enhancing the brand and the business too.