YouTube has become vastly used social media around the world. It is also one of the most visited websites compare to other web pages. YouTube is such a powerful tool which gives you such a big platform to provide exposure for your content. There are already more than a billion You Tubers which makes it quite a populated social media channel. As you may also know that YouTube is also a part of Google universe while if your channel gets some priority on Google then there are also chances that you will get more traffic on your YouTube channel. In fact, YouTube is one of the most advanced tools of social media which you can utilize to enhance your presence among the global population.

Here are the five simple tricks which you can utilize to increase your YouTube viewership on social media.

Write a detailed content about your each video

The description about your video is one of the most important parts which decides your video positioning on the search engine. The higher the place your video will get on the search engine the higher will be the chances of getting more viewers.

Share your link as far a possible

SEO trick is not only for marketing about your website but you can also catch the attention of the audience through blogging also. With the creation of multiple links of your channels, you have more chances of getting public attention for your channel which would also help your channel to get higher rank in SERP and it will get even more viewers.


Research about your keyword for each video

The keyword in the content will be the focus, so you need to select a keyword which is more popular and trendy within public opinion. This will help you to get more viewer’s attention on your channel. In fact, after the Google, YouTube is mostly used as a search engine which would also be a beneficial factor for your channel as your channel will also be able to get a good position on Google first page.

Edit your video content

If your video content is not in a sink with your audio background then you need to edit your video before posting that content online at YouTube. You can use video to mp3 converter applications to extract your audio content and edit it in a better way according to your video content.


video to mp3 converter

Consider using other social media channel for crowdsourcing

One of the best medium to increase the viewer’s population on your YouTube channel is to try to influence your followers and viewers of other social media channels on your content to subscribe your channel.

Using the above methods can help you to optimize your YouTube channel but you also need to focus on the main content of your channel. If the content itself is able to catch the attention of viewers then the optimization work will help your channel to progress much more.