6 Effective Wood Finishing Tips

Do you love creating woodworks? If you love creating woodworks than read this post carefully because here we are going to look at 6 effective wood finishing tips which will give your project a proper finishing. So let’s start unfolding these tips one by one.


Do scratch less sanding

Sanding is a process in which the top surface of the wood is removed by using abrasive materials. Sanding is a simple process, the size of the abrasive decides the quality of finishing, so to get a finer finishing you need to use finer abrasive materials. You can do two kinds of sanding.

  • Using Electric sanders

To do the sanding quickly and effectively, people generally prefer electric sanders. In order to sand effectively choose the best orbital sander and use it for your project.

  • Sanding with sandpaper

When the sanding area is small and you can’t use electric sander there than try to use sandpaper for a proper finishing.

Test the stain colors

Whenever you buy a stain for a project then always test the stain before applying it. It has been seen many times that the color mentioned on the can does not always have the same hue. To match the color, apply it on a piece of wood and see how much mixture portion you will need in order to get a proper hue.

Use a wood conditioner

There are many wood types which do not absorb the stains evenly and causes blotches. To make the blotches lighter you can use wood conditioners.

Use better brushes

For applying polyurethane you need to use the fine brushes. With better brushes, you can properly coat the wood. That’s why always use better brushes for applying polyurethane.

Always patch the Gouges

Gouges are the pores or holes which are present in the woods. These gouges do not look good on the wood. To get rid of the gouges you can use fillers, there are different kinds of filler materials present in the market which you can use. By applying these fillers to the gouges you can easily get rid of them.

Never sand on stained areas

You should never sand a woodwork after staining because it removes the stain and creates a scratchy surface. And if you need to sand a few areas then use the sander lightly after the first coat only.

All the above tips are easily applicable, you can easily use these tips and create an amazing woodwork.


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