Buying your first bag of weed is your first step to enter in the wonderful world of weeds. As you are new to buy your own buds, it might be confusing for you to know the right weed. But as long as you the basics it will go smoother.

You can get weeds from stores until it is legal or you have to be very careful while buying. You can also buy weed online. There are many sites are available which sell weeds legally online.

Here 6 things that you need to know before buying the first bag of weed –

  • Indica vs. Sativa

Weeds come in two categories- indica and Sativa. You should know the difference between them. Indica helps to relieve anxiety and pain. It also helps to induce sleep whereas sativa used for providing extreme energy. You can make use of both as a mixture.

  • If you can bring the friend along

To save yourself from trouble, ask any friend who knows about weeds to come along with you to buy your first bag of weed. They will help and guide you to pick the right one.

  • Investing in a scale

Investing in a scale avoid you from getting ripped off. Not all the weed providers are trustworthy and you don’t want to get screwed in quantities. You will be able to measure your weed by yourself with the help of scale. A small scale is beneficial to know the quantity and it will allow you to pay only for the stuff that you are buying.

buy weed online

buy weed online

  • Pay attention to the quality

Look the weed and smell it as well. Basically, bad weed is dry and dark in color and good weed is beautifully green in color and sticky. Know whether you are buying dank weed or not. A true dank weed will smell like dank. Pay attention to color and smell. Do not buy a shitty bag of weed.

  • Different strains

Weeds have different strains due to the variation of plants and its flowers. The different strains differ in scents, smell and effects that it gives off. Before buying ask few things in the shop like compatibility with certain aliments and effectiveness of weed when treating them.


With these tips, you will easily able to find the good stuff for you. Your first bag of weed must be good to make the first experience wonderful.