Creating a great music video on is an art. Not everyone is expertise in this art. But there are certain ways which you can consider to improve the quality of your music video. I have discussed some of them in this article. These ways have worked well for me and hope that it would help you as well.

Involve your friends: Some of your friends could be better in script writing or shooting videos. You can take their help and create a better video. You can also ask for their phones and create a video with different angles. These little things would help you attract more viewers towards your post. You can also buy tiktok likes and make your future posts popular.

Plan and work accordingly: In order to succeed in any work, you need to make a well-defined plan and work accordingly. This is true in case of creation of music videos as well. There are various things that should be planned. Think the central theme and concept of the video and write a great script. You are then all set to build your first video.

Consider frame rate: Frame rate is an important element that should not be overlooked. In the beginning, I also didn’t know its importance and so my video was unable to create the desired impact on viewers. There are certain frame rates that are appropriate for the music videos. 24 FPS is the most recommended frame rate as it offers a cinematic experience.

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Shutter speed: The next important factor is the shutter speed. Most of you would be unaware of this term. Let me make this very clear to you. The shutter speed is the time for which the video shutter is open at any particular setting. The shutter speed is responsible to give your video an edgy view. A little edgy look is okay but when you set the shutter speed very high, it will drop the video quality considerably. The value of this factor should vary between 80 and 125.

Choose the perfect Location: The whole feel of the video depends on the background and location of the shooting. So, choose the location carefully and create a brilliant video.

Props and lighting: You can make use of relevant props to make your video more creative. The location you choose for the video shoot must have proper lighting so as to give a clear view of the audience.

These were the little things that you can use to create an awesome video and attain popularity plus a large number of fan following.