It is always considered that it is not possible to remove all the tattoos completely. There are many new techniques and methods that are invented to successfully removing the tattoo but they all depend on various factors. The success of the removing tattoo depends on the type, size, density, and color of ink, removal method of the tattoo and many other factors. These factors determine the success rate of the tattoo.

This is the reason for some tattoos are partially faded. That’s why it is not possible to guarantee the removal of tattoo completely.

Before switching to a specific removal treatment, you should know about the factors that determine the success of removing tattoos.

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

Ink color –

The blue, black and dark green inks are much easier to remove whereas the yellow, orange, purple colors are hard and challenging to remove. Though, new devices help to deal with the tattoo colors more effectively still it takes more sessions than the blue and black inks.

Tattoo age –

The age of the tattoo also plays a major role in cleansing the skin because older tattoos are easier to remove as compared to newer tattoos. The ink of the older tattoos easily breakdown by the laser and then eliminated by the immune system of the body.

Tattoo size –

It is also true that the larger tattoos require more treatments and sessions than the smaller size tattoos.


Smoking shows a negative impact on the removal process of the tattoo. Smoking lowers the immune system which is required after the treatment for healing the tissues and skin cells. Smoking slows down the process of tattoo removal.

Skin color –

Tattoo removal is more effective in lighter skins because the laser lights are not absorbed by the lighter skin and they focus on the tattoo pigments whereas dark skin color absorbs some amount of laser light which may cause some side-effects. That’s why many clinics use low energy for the darker skin to avoid side-effects.

Location –

Tattoos on the lower legs or arms, feet and hands etc require more treatment because of limited vascular supply which slows down the healing process.

Layered tattoos –

Layered tattoos make the layer more dense and darker which makes the removal process very difficult. It requires many more sessions and treatments than the singular tattoos.


The techniques of removing tattoo help you to remove the tattoo which you do not want to live with. But there are various factors that matter during the removal process and affect its success.