There are various games free of cost available online, but Candy Crush is one of the most exciting and joyful games, which is almost loved by all the people of different age groups. There are various latest features that are provided on the latest version of Candy Crush Saga, some of them include:

Party booster:

 This feature has been recently added a feature, which offers two free boosters which are when available active and helps to vanish all the candies available in the screen.  Till now it has been implemented as a normal booster but recently it has been updated.

Conveyor Belt:

This basically acts as a broadcaster which can be seen vertically or else horizontally. There are various arrows, moving along showing the direction. They are present in the continuous loop. This will help you the best when you are stuck in the middle, and this feature will help you to clear the blocked jelly.

Candy Crush Shuffle:

This is a small pink packet, which you can popup it in the middle of the game when everything is either messed or when you are on the verge of losing the game.

Rainbow candy:

This is cute little colorful candy, which can use to switch between any two colors and also aware you about the next coming candy or the move based on the color.

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The Treasure chest:

It is a challenging event, which is generally available after crossing certain levels. You just have to click on the treasure box and it opens up and a new page is available, where there are some tasks, which when played you will be rewarded with extra points.

Sugar drop:

This is one of the best opportunity for you to earn sweets in the sense of reward points. You can try playing various other special levels, where you will get extra candies in the form of sugar drops. This game is available in particular time slots, like after 24hours from the first or after 42 hours, etc.

Sugar keys:

The special games of the sugar drops use keys, which are available in different colors. These can be matched or else destroyed. Sometimes you have to collect a good number of keys, to clear all of them.

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Space Dash:

It is basically an offer which offers the entire candy booster to clear the level if you are stuck somewhere. If you don’t use it in the first level then it could certainly add to the next one.


These are some of the latest features of the Candy Crush Saga, which will add the fun booster to your game, try it and enjoy!!!