Basics Of Alcohol Withdrawal- An Ultimate Guide For People

If you are drinking alcohol heavily for weeks, months or years, it will affect you both physically and mentally. When you stop taking alcohol or seriously start cutting down amount of consumption, then this is called alcohol withdrawal. If you drink alcohol occasionally, it will not make you face withdrawal symptoms. But if you have already gone through the process of alcohol withdrawal then next time when you will again start drinking alcohol, withdrawal symptoms will definitely attack you.


What causes alcohol withdrawal?



Doctors claim that alcohol has a depressive effect on your system. It won’t let your brain work efficiently that means the brain function will slow down and you will be unable to concentrate on things better. Since alcohol directly affects your nervous system, the body needs to work hard in order to be in a more awake state and keep nerves interacting with one another. When alcohol level suddenly drops, your body experiences so many changes which are counted under symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.


Let’s discuss about the symptoms


Symptoms typically range from mild to serious. It completely depends on the quantity of alcohol you have been consuming and for how long. Here, both the mild and serious symptoms are mentioned separately:-

Mild symptoms start appearing right after the six hours of quitting alcohol, they are:-


A headache

Shaky hands





You will notice serious symptoms after twelve to twenty-four hours of your last drink. Within the first two days of nominal changes, you can see, feel or experience both physical and mental changes which occur due to non-consumption of alcohol. Some serious symptoms are mentioned as under:-

Confusion in thoughts

Racing heartbeats

High blood pressure

Fever and headache

Heavy sweating


How can a withdrawal be diagnosed?



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If the doctor identifies symptoms within your system, he will ask some mandatory questions about your drinking history and how recently you have stopped alcohol consumption. Let the doctor know about your past withdrawal experience (if any) so that withdrawal can be diagnosed effectively. It is further advisable to buy tramadol online which is a prescription helps you to cope with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It’s not compulsory that the symptoms you face are the result of alcohol withdrawal only, there might be some other medical condition responsible. The doctor will analyze everything thoroughly.




We can’t deny from the fact that the decision of quitting alcohol is a hard path to go on. You will need proper motivation from your belongings and best possible treatment form a professional medical practitioner.



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