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Effective Ways to Promote Baby Development

The process of baby development includes both the physical and neurological changes that a baby experiences while stepping forward towards the growth. In the context of neurological development, it starts right from the first week of pregnancy and continues until the mother completes four weeks of pregnancy. It’s never too early to start interacting with your baby and engaging all such activities that stimulate baby’s overall development. This article will guide you in helping your baby reach necessary milestones, develop language and motor skills.

Attach with your baby

The best thing you can do to for your baby’s motor skills and language development is to keep them engage in human contact. This act often includes holding the baby close to you, talking to the baby, singing or doing other similar things that impact their hearing ability.

Stimulate the senses

During the second or third month of baby development, your baby starts exploring and learning more about the surrounding. It is must for the parents to allow their baby to experience different sounds, colors, texture and let them touch a variety of surface.

Tummy Time

In order to help baby developing a strong body, it’s mandatory to arrange tummy time for them where they spend time laying down on the tummy, make necessary movements like crawling, rolling and jumping.  Tummy time will be better with the help of a beautiful, reliable and soft baby play mat that comprises of attractive colors and patterns with toys attached over the surface.

Let them play with toys

baby play mat

When your baby becomes six months old, motor skills developed in them. This is the time when the baby becomes able to grab a light object and start playing with toys. Let your baby interact with toys that boost up baby development. If you are already using a play mat, then baby can play with the toys attached to their surface.

Provide a sense of security

Your response is must for baby’s development. During the first week of their life, the infants seek for comforts with all of their need to be met on time therefore when your baby cries, don’t overlook them. The regular activity of baby care such as feeding and cleaning, provide them a sense of control.


All the above activities can be done only when you manage sufficient time to encourage baby’s development. Though you are working women, it’s crucial to take proper care of the baby.

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