Different Types Of Instruments That You Can Learn & Play Easily

Everyone loves music in different ways. Some folks like to listen music or some like murmuring their favorite music while playing the different musical instruments. There are different ways for people to connect themselves with music. Some people use music just as a source of entertainment and fun or just for earning money. But some genuinely opt it as a career choice. As we all know that learning the different musical instruments is not a cup of tea. It needs the lot of dedication and hard work. In this article, we are going to talk about some instruments that you can learn and play very easily. So just take a look!



Drums are one of the most whacking instrument we have amongst all the other musical tools. They are also one of the oldest instruments present in too many types, shapes, and sizes. The drum is one of the musical tools that is played naturally by getting struck through different tools like wire brushes, beaters, wooden sticks and many more. Handpan is one of the most different kind of drum that also exist in different sizes and style. They are also known as hang drums. Handpans are very fragile and sensitive in nature. They easily get damage and break.


The piano is one of the most unique musical instrument exist in the world. The modern pianos have 52 white keys and 36 black keys. So there is a total 88 key that is played using a keyboard. It was invented in the year 1700 and used in many different kinds of music including jazz, traditional, classical, and many more. It is one of the musical instrument that is also very good for the well-being of the piano players. It has various psychological and physical advantages. While playing the piano you need to have solid hand-eye coordination. That increases your memory power.

Electric guitar

It is one of the string musical tools. It was invented in the late 1930’s. The electric guitar is generally a guitar that utilizes the pick-up for the conversion of the vibration of the strings that are made of metal.


It is also one of the strings based musical instrument. Violin is one of the high-pitched and smallest musical tools. Violin consist of four strings that are generally played by using a bow across it. It is the most used musical tool in all kinds of music genres like traditional, jazz and in many more.

These are the some of the most easy-to-learn musical instruments we have. These musical tools not only make you feel happy while playing but also somehow gives you better physical as well as mental health.

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Top Tips To Tune Your Guitar

No matter how well you know to play the guitar, if your guitar is out of tune, then it would not be sounding good. The guitar is one musical instrument that has a lot of energy packed in it, and if you know to play it well, then you can really master it. Guitarists always gain popularity wherever they go, and there are always fans of people who know to play it. Discussed below are some tuning tips for your guitar –

Tuning Tip 1

Make sure that you are always turning the right tuning key like if you want to tune the C string, then you have to head along the fret board where you can see the correct tuning key to use. Always make it a point to double check before you choose to tune them, to avoid adverse results.

Tuning Tip 2

Do not tune the whole thing in one stretch, as this might cause tuning the string too high or too low. So to avoid this situation always choose to tune after taking breaks. Always be sure about how much of tuning will make the string get tuned higher low.

Tuning Tip 3

Tune according to the requirement. Before you actually tune, be sure of the chord and for making the process much simpler, take the help of the reverse chord finder to tune.

How To Tune With An Electronic Tuner?

 Reverse Chord Finder
Reverse Chord Finder

There are many types of tuners being available, check for a calibration setting on your tuner and set it to A 440 Hz. This is considered to be the standard tuning frequency and if you are tuned into his, you are likely to get a different tune from your device as you choose to play them.

Step 1

Tune each string to its proper note name, which means if you are tuning the low E string then you have to take initiatives to get the note to an E first.

Step 2

Next, continue by fine tuning the note that you have chosen in step 1. If your note is sharp, then come back down and fine tune it. This will help your string to stay tuned for a longer time. Always make sure that you continue your tuning until you reach a  note, rather than tuning just below it. Avoid sharp notes, and such cases choose to fine tune it as well.

Step 3

After tuning the strings, go through them and do a thorough checking with what you have done. Since acoustic guitars are actually being made of wood, changing the tensions on the strings can cause a change in the way they play too.

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