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Top 3 Florida Man Headlines Of the Year 2018

Do you also like to read hilarious and entertaining Florida man news headlines? If yes then this article will also make you laugh loud and unstoppable. This article is all about the amusing and bizarre things done by the Florida men often. This article will make you explore with some of the best news headlines of Florida men of 2018. So are you ready to laugh insanely? Then take a look on below headlines.

Florida Man endeavors to smoke crack cocaine in ICU, nearly torches clinic.

This is one of the most bizarre news you may hear often. This is all about a 54 years old man who gets arrested for taking crack cocaine with himself in the Intensive care unit. This hilarious event took place at the North Okaloosa Medical Center. This event came into light when patient living on oxygen try to smoke cocaine from one of the homemade smoking devices. According to police officer Lt. Donald Fountain this would cause a great health damage to the patient.

Florida Man flashes backside at IHOP in the wake of imitating a cop to get free sustenance.

This is really insane guys. Isn’t it? According to the police officer Orlando Sentinel, there was a man about 55 years old entered in the IHOP around sharp 1 a.m. in the morning at Friday and told a server that he wants food. So then server asked him about money. In reply, he said I am a cop and get food free of cost. When server refused to give him food then he threatened and shouted on him and exposed his buttocks to the IHOP employee.

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Florida Man gnaws off neighbor’s ear since he wouldn’t give him a cigarette.

This new make me jaw-dropped. I don’t know about you guys. But this is really crazy. According to John Ott, he was helping his friend and when his friend asks him for a cigarette which he didn’t have at that time, then his friend first grabbed him from the arms for a hug and suddenly start biting his ear. John also told CBS 12 that this guy yells a lot which somehow spread fear all across the street. That’s why he decided to file a restraining order against him.


These are the top three hilarious and craziest news of Florida man that I hope make you all laugh loud.

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