Many people often think that most of the health insurance policies only focus on the hospital expenses, while it is not the actual case. The best of the health insurance policies will always go on to give you additional health benefits of enrolling to them. Main advantages of such policies actually remain unused, because of the lack of knowledge amongst the people who hold the policy for the same. As you read through here, you will find the interesting benefits that the best of these policies offer you with. There are so many health insurance policies being available today, out of which one very common one offered by the Medicare scheme are the Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan g.

Convalescence Benefit

This is also known as recovery benefit, and this benefit is basically provided to recover income loss, for patients. In some policies accompanying cost of family and close relatives are also covered. So you need to choose a scheme that well covers all mentioned benefits here. While in some other cases, the insurer pays a huge amount to the patient who has been hospitalized for over 7 days.

Coverage For Alternative Treatments

Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan g

Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan g

Good schemes, also provide coverage for alternative treatments like homoeopathy, Ayurveda kind of treatments. So as you choose your insurance scheme carefully, you will be able to make use of the many benefits that they actually provide you with.

Organ Donor Expenses

A kidney transplant will actually cost you around 3 to 5 lakhs. So during an emergency, a good health insurance scheme will make things much easier for you. You don’t have to panic in the last moment thinking about how you will handle the situation.

Attendant Allowance

Insurance companies also do provide attendance allowances to those people, who accompany the patient to the hospital, and also might have to stay with them as bystanders as well. The only thing you need to check out is about the number of days for which the attendant will be paid. This is sure to fix, so do check it out before you enrol.

Daily Cash Allowance

Insurers also provide some additional benefits like food and travel, which might not be covered by the policy.

Free Health Checkups


Some policies, take special efforts to maintain the health of patients, and for this, they even offer periodic health check-ups for about four or five years. So this will ensure that you are healthy enough or not.

Dental Treatment

Many policies cover dental treatments, once in every few years with certain limits, while many others do not take up dental related treatments. So make sure that you always take it into consideration while you choose health insurance policies.

So, if you are still on a confusion as to whether you should enroll for an insurance scheme or not, then I would surely ask you to go for one, as this is sure to help you in times of need. Health is wealth, and enrolling in a good insurance scheme is the first step towards keeping your health safe.