We all went to school and it had been a very important part of our life. We all have some views in mind that we like to change in our school life. There are minute things that need to change in the schools. Nowadays school has everything from highly qualified teachers to good infrastructure. But still, there are some downsides which need to concern. It is no doubt that making a school environment a better place for students is a shared responsibility between different players such as teachers, parents, and learners.

  • Say no to bullying-

    Bullying has become a very serious problem in the schools all across the world. There are many drawbacks of bullying like students pushed to do suicide attempts, trapped under depression and stress. Whenever you witness a student getting bullied you must you must speak up and make your teacher aware of the situation. Teachers have special many powers that they can use for the welfare of students. There are many online applications like eoperasi that is basically made for teacher management.


  • Take care of the school property-

    Cleanliness is very important for having a good school environment. So please try to keep your classroom neat and clean. Organize events of picking up litter or removing graffiti. This makes the students think twice before taking part in any vandalism activities.

  • Participate in school activities-

    Teamwork is very important for healthy environment of the school. Try to participate in different school activities as in the drama, sports, and many other activities. As you volunteer for such activities it also encourages other students to join as well spreading the idea of volunteerism. It is completely true to say that here that unity lies in strength.



  • Run for student government-

    If you can win a position as a student representative then you can make a huge difference. It will allow you to create strategies and plans to improve different aspects of the school. You can engage in activities like collecting funds to improve school facilities.

  • Ask parents to get involved-

    Schools are not just places for students they are also important to place for other members of the community. Parents also care about schools and want to be involved with any improvements that need to be made.

These are some advice that can make your school a much better place. It is very important to understand that making a school a good place is not the responsibility of any individual. It is the duty of all the persons related to the school directly or indirectly.