For many years, 10gbps speed has increased rapidly, the cost and performance has extended at a great speed compared to other networks. The growing bandwidth has also requirements that have also increased the extensive applications of 10 gbps Ethernet. However it’s not easy to avail the 10gbps services at low cost, so here are some tricks for you to convert your network into 10gbps at very nominal cost are:

Components required:

In this 10gbps connection process your will require only 3 components which are:

• Network interface card:

It is a component which provides a full-time connection with the network and the computer, it acts as an interface between the two. NIC card basically contains an electronic circuit which helps to easily communicate through a wireless medium. It is also known a local area network adapter, which is generally used for local area connections at home or offices.

• Optics and direct attach cable:


10 gbps

Direct attach cables are used to connect to the network interface the distance between the cards exceeds 5m then the active cable is required otherwise passive cable will do. There are SFP chords available at each end, and you can easily connect using them.

• Switches:

It’s not necessary to directly connect the network interface card with the direct attach the cable, you can use switches in between. However you need optics cable or directly attach  the cable to connect but using a switch as an interface is a good choice. Switches provide flexible ports to facilitate the user operations, so that they can directly connect to high-performance once storage server or expand long distance uplink to another switch.


When all the components are prepared, the final step is to test the components. Initially put the network interface card in a PClex8 slot and then attach it with the DCA cable. PC Alex slots increase the speed of the system to around 24 Gbps. You can use Linux to detect the NIC’s properly working or not. Then add it to the desired subnet mask and try to ping each with the other.

You can use various benchmarking tools to check whether the netwo10gbpsrk has reached our goal or not. Using this there is very less increase in the CPU power while pushing a large amount of data into it.


The above-mentioned tricks will help you to convert your normal network into 10gbps network, very easily and at a very nominal cost.