Cannabis is one of the best herb present in the market, you can find lots of people selling and buying weed for their use. If you don’t know how to select a proper quality weed than it will be difficult for you to take its proper benefits because only a good quality weed will support your health, not the bad quality one, so how can you select the best quality weed. Here are a few things which you can do in order to select the best quality weed.

Freshness test

You can test the freshness of weed by few things which are mentioned below

  • First smell it and if you can get the essence just by smelling it then it’s the good quality one
  • Look for the orange and purple hairs on the weed, both colors represent the proper maturity of the weed
  • Weed should be balanced in dryness and wetness, too dry weed will easily be burned off and too wet weed will be hard to burn.


The more will be the crystals the more will be the THC content. THC determines the high of a weed.

The color of the weed

If the weed is good then it should have a green color, never go for a brown weed it will affect your body badly and most probably can be mixed with chemicals or additives.

Avoid weeds containing seeds

Seed ruins the quality of weed so avid the weeds containing seeds.

Taste it for better judgment

When you take a bite, if it is a little wet and suits your taste than it is good and if it tastes off than it is bad.

Web kind of thing

You will find a spider web-like thing on a good quality weed.

This is how you select a proper quality weed. Today people prefer to buy weed online because of the easy service which helps them to get it easily. People love to enjoy weed because of its few qualities which help them to feel relaxed. Studies are also going on the cannabis because of its superb medical qualities and soon we will get them easily.

Buy Weed Online

Buy Weed Online

If you are thinking that why people buy weed online than let me give you a simple answer. People buy them online because there are a variety of dealers who can provide them with the best prices and delivery service. So these are all the basic things which you can do to buy a good quality weed.