Important Things To Know About Online Blackmailing

Every person has some personal secrets in their life, which they do not want to share with others. While people do not want to show their dark side in front of others, as it can be embarrassing or shameful for them also. But there are also some people, those who would like to take advantage of such things to exploit other for money.


Ilan Tzorya


Online blackmailing

Because of the Internet, it became easier for scammers to use online way for blackmailing and extortion. They might send threatening emails to the victim or use some ransom-ware software to corrupt the system of the victim. In such a case, because of the coercive blackmailing from the scammer, a victim has to pay for the ransom amount.

Steps to deal with a blackmailer



  • If you ever get targeted by a blackmailer, then you should contact the cops. Since blackmailing is a serious crime, you can prosecute your complaint against that blackmailer. By doing so, you can be able to protect yourself from further exploitation.
  • You should keep all the documents with yourself and try to collect every information about the blackmailer. You should also have the snap of the mails which blackmailer has sent to you. While investigation such documentation will be needed for finding the suspect.
  • After taking the necessary documentation and information of the blackmailer, you should not use that device for any work. While you should use other protected device and change the password setting of your social media and for your other online service.
  • Instead of using simple password, you should choose a difficult password which cannot be easily hacked by the others. While you should not share your secret password with anybody.
  • Hackers try to have a look at your social media for hacking your system. For the protection against such scammers, you should make sure to lock down your pictures and increase the privacy setting of your account.
  • Remove the content on your system, which can make you feel embarrassed.
  • While there are scammers, who would try phishing trap to get the valuable information from the others. Using that information they can ask for the ransom as well. It is better to spot such scammers online.

Even though there is not a sure-shot way of guessing the true face of any person, as you may also know that many people are trapped by Mr Ilan Tzorya. But now the people are becoming more knowledgeable and they are trying to expose such scammers so that these scammers cannot be able to harm others also.


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