Who doesn’t like fame? Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram as it has emerged as a great community that is liked by most of the people. People say that one can earn a living with Instagram and that’s quite true. I have seen many people become rich by using Instagram as a marketing tool. You can also buy followers (comprar seguidores) and accomplish your goal of becoming famous with an ease.


If you also want to become famous on Instagram, you can consider the following steps:


  1. Choose your niche

The first and the foremost thing is to choose a niche. This can be any of the topics of your interests. Choosing a niche is an important step as it will help you decide what type of communities to join, which type of content to create and the hashtags to be employed. If you are a foodie person, you can choose “Food” as your niche. Try to be experimental with your niche by adding extra elements. Like, you can create an account which will solely be used to share your foodie ventures.

  1. Create a powerful content

The next important thing is to add appealing quality pictures and video posts that are utterly scroll-stopping. There are certain tricks that you can consider to create a compelling content:

  1. Choose a quality camera to take pictures.
  • Take pictures during daytime as you will get innate lighting effects that will enhance your pictures.
  • Do experiments and use creative captions in your posts.
  • Know how other people work in your niche and track their winning tactics.
  1. Devise your Instagram Grid

There is an option in Instagram by which you can upload any picture in the grid form. This is one of the important ways by which your posts get a recognition among others.

  1. Choose hashtags wisely

In every niche, there are some popular hashtags that are searched by a number of people. Use those hashtags and make your posts available to everyone who searches for those set of hashtags. You can add as many hashtags as you want to and make your posts popular. The more the hashtags, the popular will be your posts!

  1. Post consistently

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Its fine that you are adding quality pictures and videos, you also need to be consistent with your posting practices. It would be phenomenal if you decide to add atleast one post per day.


This was all about becoming famous on Instagram by following the easy steps. Hope these steps will work for you!