NVIDIA DGX-2 ‘The World’s Largest GPU’ Announced – 2 PetaFlops of Power With 16x Stacked Volta GPUs with $399,000 Price Tag.
NVIDIA has disclosed a spic and span item called the NVIDIA DGX-2 supercomputer which is fundamentally 16 Volta GPUs stacked together utilizing NVSwitch – which is essentially an elite outer interconnect. The whole bundle has a power utilization that is a small amount of what you would customarily get utilizing CPU based bunches obviously comes at a premium.

NVIDIA DGX-2: Server rack with 16 Volta GPUs and Dual Xeon Platinums for $399,000

Remember calling this server rack a GPU is a misnomer. While the utilization of NVSwitch does in reality make it substantially quicker than a server rack with 16 Volta GPUs in a vanilla setup, it is still no place close as quick as enough as a GPU of this bore would genuinely be. The server packs a sum of 81,920 CUDA Cores with 512 GB HBM2 memory and a 14.4 TB/s total data transmission and 300 GB/s GPU to GPU. The aggregate power utilization of the rack is 10,000 watts and weighs 350 pounds.

DGX-2 gives 10X the handling energy of DGX-1 of a half year back, disclosed in September 2017.

The investigation space of AI, the quantity of layers, the preparation rates clearing through various fraemworks, with greater systems, more experimentation, DGX-2 couldn’t come at a superior time.

What amount would it be a good idea for us to charge is the issue? It tooks a huge number of dollars of designing to make this.

It’s $399K for the world’s most intense PC. This replaces $3M of 300 double CPU servers expending 180 kilowatts. This is 1/eighth the cost, 1/60th of the space, eighteenth the power. “The more you purchase, the more you spare,” Jensen says, rehashing an expression he’s utilized at some of these.

8x EDR 100 Gigabit ethernet connectors compensate for availability and the GPU bunch is driven by 2x Xeon Platinums which if its the 8180 would pack an aggregate of 56 centers – all that anyone could need to deal with the driver’s seat. 1.5 TB of RAM is likewise included with 30 TB of NVME SSDs. The interconnect texture utilized is consistent and can go both ways, so this is certainly not just 16 Volta GPUs associated. Its more than that – yet at the same time not a healthy GPU. You can purchase the DGX-2 for $399,000 (fun certainty, the DGX-2 is 500 times speedier than 2x GTX 580s yet additionally 399 times more costly).