The Best DIY Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

If you have the oily skin, then it will not be easier for you to apply makeup (Maquiagem) on your skin. While makeup also couldn’t stay for long in the oily skin. Many women face such kinds of problems, which is also the reason for stress problems in ladies. Since it is not under your control so that you can be able to stop the oil formation on your skin. While oil is also important which protects the skin from exertion. However, if you are fed up with your oily skin, then here are shown some helpful beauty tips which you can apply to get fair and oil free skin.


The best way to remove oil from your facial skin is to wash your face. By washing your face twice a day, you can be able to remove most of the oil from your face. You should include the habit of face wash in your lifestyle. Use a quality face wash and makeup removing cream for the oily skin. This would help you to nourish your skin. It will also remove the extra dirt and oil from the face. However, you shouldn’t be over washing your face, as it can also make your skin look dry.

Remove Makeup

Whenever you apply makeup on your skin, you should never forget about removing it. Use a quality cleanser or a makeup removing cream on your skin. Use a type of cream which is especially for the oily skin only. You can also use a face wash which contains the salicylic acid.

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Now, your face is clean, you should apply astringent on your skin. While you are using astringent without alcoholic base then you shouldn’t use it more than once a day. Astringent is the oil remover from your skin, however, it can also make your skin dry. It is better to consult a dermatologist before using astringent.


It is important to keep your face moist. You can find a special type of moisturizers for the oily skin in the market. While after cleansing or using astringent, you might feel dryness in your skin. In such a case, you can use moisturizer lotion on them. It is better for ladies with dry skin to avoid the moisturizer which contains cocoa butter and mineral oils. Moisturizers which are non comedogenic are considered best for the oily skin.

Using the following tips, you can be able to gain a healthy looking skin, while you can be able to avoid the problems due to oily skin.

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