Top Tips For Maintaining A Luxury Mechanical Watch

Top Tips For Maintaining A Luxury Mechanical Watch

A classic mechanical watch is not just a timepiece that shows time. It is more than something which tells the time. A mechanical watch is made by some greatly skilled artisans. It shows the great craftsmanship and inspired by innovative designs.

The valuable materials, remarkable designs, dedicated craftsmanship, and durability are the reasons of high price value of luxury watches. Many sentiments and interesting stories are combined with a luxury watch.

The maintenance of such watches is important to pass it from generation to generation and make it as a family heirloom. A passionate owner and the one has some personal connection always maintain their watches.

Here are some tips to maintain your luxury mechanical watch –

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Tip 1: Cleaning of your watch –

To maintain its elegant look, cleaning is important as it helps to remove dirt and dust. Take a soft cloth and wipe down its band and dial to remove the dirt. In every couple of months, soak your watch in water and soap to unwind the dirt.

Tip 2: Regular servicing –

Despite warranty, service your classic watch in every two to three years. Regular servicing helps to maintain your watch and it will catch issues immediately if your watch has a problem.

Tip 3: avoid magnets –

You should know that keeping your watch near to magnets will impact negatively on the time of the watch. That’s why It is always recommended to avoid magnets.

Tip 5: Water resistance –

Many buyers do not know the water resistance limit of their watch. If your watch has a limit of 50 meters water resistance means it is not for snorkeling. Many watches are water resistance for the splashes of water but they are not for depths.  Especially, avoid your watch from getting wet if it has the leather band because it may weaken the leather strap.

Tip 6: Take care of the crystal –

It is obvious but still worth mentioning to take care of crystal. Take every necessary step to prevent the crystal from banging and scratches.

Tip 7: Avoid contact with chemicals –

Avoid your watches from contact with chemicals especially perfume. It causes damage to the leather bands by weakening them and at last causing it tears.


A luxury mechanical watch should be maintained and respected properly as they have rich memories and high financial cost. You can also look for replica watches as they provide exact copies of branded watches at the cost-effective price.