Anybody who is willing to visit Canada must meet all the requirements of immigration law framed by the Canadian government. As per the rules and regulations, foreign national with a criminal sentiment are inadmissible to enter Canada unless they have been granted a special permission which is officially termed as the Temporary resident permit.

The immigration authorities usually issue a Temporary residence permit in some extreme conditions where the benefit of a person compensates the risk of entering Canada. The person needs to exit Canada before the date mentioned in the permit to exit and would no longer able to allow them to re-enter.

How To Apply

Applying for TRP is likely to be compared the scenario from a person presenting himself in the judicial court. It is a complex legal procedure that could easily overthrow the applicant. Mainly there are two options preferred to apply, they are:-

There are so many consultancies working to help people getting TRP easily. An application can be submitted to themselves for processing.

For the US citizens and permanent residents, there is a facility for making application directly to the border. The processing time varies on the condition and method of submission.

Criminal Rehabilitation Canada

Criminal Rehabilitation Canada

Criminal Rehabilitation Canada

Candidates who are being justified under the terms and condition of Criminal Rehabilitation are not required to apply for TRP again. The eligible applicant must always try to accompany criminal rehabilitation Canada over a resident permit (being the ultimate solution to enter Canada). For instance, a person who has a single drunk driving conviction would automatically eligible to enter without requiring any special permission after ten years of completion for the sentence.

Who Actually Need A Temporary Resident Permit?

A person who had ever been convicted for a criminal offense is usually prohibited to enter Canada until they have a valid TRP. It should also be noted that a person might not be considered as admissible until ten years have been passed since the completion of the sentence.

The reason must also be valid enough to help to grant the permit without requiring much time. Usually for attending an important business conference, family function, marriage or funeral are deemed as the legitimate reason to apply for a resident permit.


Canada temporary resident permit is usually reserved for the people who carry genuine reason for stay but not for them who are interested in crossing the border for the spare purpose. Depending on the circumstances, processing time is determined which generally requires a month for approval.