As we all know that during pregnancy women get lots of benefits and comforts which they do not experience usually. That is why there are lots of advantages of being pregnant. But if married women or unmarried girl don’t want to conceive baby at their lives now then how can she take the benefits of a pregnant women. It is really bizarre but lots of women do this. They lie about their pregnancy with the help of a fake ultrasound maker. In this whole article, we are just going to talk about the amazing advantages of fake pregnancy that every woman should enjoy.



fake ultrasound maker


Get seat easily in public transport


As we know public transport has become a very important part of all the working women. They daily travel with the help of buses, trains, metros and many more. Then you may also know about the population of people daily travel on different public transportation. It is like really covers large ratio of population. Generally, people do not care about each other that who is standing or not in the public transportation system. However, many times it has been seen that if a woman is pregnant then it is like so easy for her to get seat in trains and buses.


Complete freedom of eating different cuisines


Top -Reasons-Why-Women-Should-Fake-A-Pregnancy


Married girls often restricted by their husbands or in-laws for eating junk food or street food. However, if you pretend to be pregnant then they themselves bring and give you the food which you want. The simple strategy behind all these things is that pregnant woman gets love, affection, and sympathy of all people around her. That’s really awesome. Who does not want to be pampered and cared? All the girls out there in the world deserves this kind of special treatment.


Easily make excuses for getting out of the social engagements


There are times when especially we women really do not want to go for some tiresome social gatherings. But we do not have any powerful excuse to make for avoiding club parties and all. However, being pregnant is the best excuse. Because then your female friends can easily understand it and tell you to stay at home only.


Throw tantrums at your partner



As we know usually in marriages, women have to sacrifice and compromise a lot. Leaving our parental house is the biggest one of it. However, just imagine your partner is massaging your feet, making food for you, giving extra care and attention to you which he generally not give you.


Faking a pregnancy is one of the most amazing and humorous ways of getting all these benefits. On one side there are advantages but it can also destroy or leave you with stress. Make sure to play safe and when it’s necessary.