Mobile phone has become the most important necessity of today’s world. There are a lot of tasks nowadays that we cannot do without mobile phones. Mobile phones give us the lives that are full of comforts and completely hassle-free. Earlier in the 90’s people used to write letters so that they can contact each other. That time rotary dial phones or landline cabled phones were very rarely present in the homes. As compared to that time the enhancement in the field of mobile phones is incredible.

Nowadays we can not only talk but also see each other with the access of video calling in spite of living far away from each other. There are ample varieties of mobile phones present in the market nowadays. That is why it is important to compare specs of the different mobile phones before buying it. In this article, we are going to mention some points that are important to consider before or while purchasing a mobile phone.


It is one of the most important things that need to get considered while buying a mobile phone. You phone must be of high durability. So that it cannot break by hitting the ground easily. The quality of the material used in mobile must be of good quality. So that it can last for a longer period of time.

Quality of camera


Camera quality is also the one of the crucial thing to consider for the selfie lovers. As we know nowadays people want to post their best shots on the social media platforms to get more exposure and popularity. So you have to purchase a mobile phone that has a high megapixel quality.

Level of radiation

It is the most crucial point which needs to get noticed while buying a mobile phone for the benefit of health. As we know SAR stands for the specific absorption rate which is a measure of the total energy that is absorbed by the human body when they are exposed to the mobile phones. The SAR value of the mobile phone must be low so you cannot prone to more health risks.

Multiple network options


compare specs

There are different types of network bands present in the world. The most popular one is GSM i.e. global system for mobile. It is used by almost 80% of the world’s population. The remaining 20% people uses CDMA network band. It is very important to check while buying the mobile phone that it supports both types of networks bands. So that you can access any network band according to your convenience.


These are the top four things that needs to be considered while buying the mobile phone. The other most important thing to consider is the price you can spend on buying the mobile phone. There are tons of mobile phones available in the market. That is why you can definitely buy the perfect one according to your bank balance.