Online business owners try every possible marketing strategy to gain more potential customers on their website, while there is so much competition at online business. Nowadays video marketing is gaining quite a popularity over the online marketing campaign. According to some research, it is proven that videos marketing is having the much better effect than any other marketing method. At the websites which marketise their product through videos on their web page have shown 800% increase in conversion rate. If you have a website made (Website laten maken) for increasing your business sales online, then video marketing method is the better means to increase web traffic on your website.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, it is a promotional tactic by using the audiovisual (video) play to marketise about the business brands and products. Videos are more interactive that visuals and audios. Nowadays it became one of the best means of e-marketing, as these videos can be shown on the social media channel to provide worldwide exposure to the brand products.

 Website laten maken

Website laten maken

Why is it better?

Video marketing is considered as the best means of marketing business. Most of the big brands and company are very much depended on the video marketing. In fact, there are many reasons that make it a better source of marketing. Here are some of those:

SEO advantage

If you have some understanding about the SEO then you may know that content has the rich information and mostly used as keywords by the people have the better ranking in the SERP and have a better position on top search result page. While it is also proven that video content can also help to improve the SEO of the website as you can see about 53% of the videos on the YouTube have the better position on the topmost search result page.


People give more attention to the video content than the written content or Images. Videos have a much better impact as it seems more interesting than the written form of content marketing while it gives much more information in the limited time that is the reason why people like video more than the written text or images.

 Website laten maken

Website laten maken

You cannot say about the written content or images, that every people will notice the details about the subject. While it is easier to understand a video which require less time to understand, because of that people like videos much more than the images and written content, which makes it better format of conversing your message to the other and provide better optimisation for the website.