We have been watching movies for a very long time. Before, there was only one channel that showed black and white movies on weekends. But now, there are n number of options that you can consider to watch the latest movies. 123movies is known to be a reliable place to watch movies for free. You only require a good internet connection and you can watch movies anytime and anywhere.

Let us consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of watching movies:


 Advantages of watching movies


Watching movies can be one of the important pastimes. It provides us with a great entertainment value. When we watch a movie, we get switched to a different world. Our mind is relieved from all the stress and worries.

 Socializing activators

Watching movies acts as a social activator because when we watch movies with whom we share a common interest, it strengthens our relationship bond. It also allows us to make new friends and thus improves our social behavior.



A lesson of collaboration

The movies are the result of an excellent teamwork. While watching movies, we can learn this skill and get benefited from it in the real life.

Movies arouse our imagination

Sometimes the movies depict unbelievable and extreme things. This improves our imagination and creativity which also helps us to understand the things in a better way!

You can know the art and culture of the world

Movies are made in different locations and also depicts different cultures and traditions. When you see the movies, you will get to know about the various art and culture of the world.

A source of inspiration

Movies can be a great source of inspiration for the general public. For those who are feeling low should watch the inspirational movies and get an inspiration from them. You can also watch the motivational videos online and get your self-confidence boosted with an ease.



 Disadvantages of watching movies

Made for profit

Almost all of the movies are made with a motive of making money. You will hardly find a movie that is specially created for charity.

Promotes violence

Some of the movies promote violence. It’s better not to watch such movies as you are watching movies only for entertainment and not for violence.


These were some of the most important advantages of watching movies. Different categories of movies are apt for the people of different age groups. Choose the one that is appropriate for your age!