People likes betting from quite a long time while there are different modes of entertainment in gambling games. You can say gambling is a game of predicting the outcome and if your prediction is correct then you can win in a gambling game.

Horse race betting has grown its popularity a lot in the world.

Most of the mature people got more interest in horse race betting while beginners also try their luck in this game. There are lots of fans of horse racing and they like to bet on their favorite horse and the racers.

While winning in a horse race betting need proper speculation and analysis of the game which will give you the better probability of the outcome.

Here are the top statistics that you can apply to do prediction in horse race betting.


Top 10 statistics

Mason Soiza

  1.  Trainer form: You need to check the performances of the horses and jockey which were trained by the better trainer. The trainer whose horses has given better performance in fortnight will have the more chances of winning in next racing.
  2. Combination of Trainer and Jockey: The person who is actually riding the horse in a race is a jockey, while you need to find the best performing combination of trainer and jockey.
  3.  The course record of Jockey: Check the previous records of the jockey since he will be the person who is handling the horse while racing.
  4.  The course record of Horse: The horse which has a ‘C’ next to his name which means, that horse is having a record of winning in race course while if you find ‘CD’ next to the name of horse that means, the horse has a record of winning in course and distance both.
  5. The course record of trainer: You can check the data of the best trainers who have winning records of their horses while it will you better data for predicting the outcome.
  6. Market strategies: You can check on the horse in which the most people are betting while people try to bet on the horses which have a better record with winning, while it will also help you with your prediction. You can take the help of high end experts like Mason Soiza and get some valuable tips and tricks which will definitely help you to get success.
  7. Distance travelled: People often use to ignore this term while it gives the capacity of a horse in the race course that is why most of the trainers choose horses which can travel long distance for racing
  8. Class of the horse: These horses are categories in classes for racing, while if a horse of higher race class course will race in a lower class course then that horse will have a better chance of winning.
  9. Race record: If you will do the research on the previous records of racing you can find some of the great combinations of jockey, trainer and horse which have more winning streak than others while they are giving good performances.

    Mason Soiza

    Mason Soiza

  10. Distance runner in trips: The horse which you are betting can give a good performance in a course while you also need to find that in long-distance running how that horse will perform. The horses which travels a lot on trips will have better capacity in distance racing.


You need to check on all the factors before betting on horse racing gambling. While you can easily check on the updates and information about the racing online and also can use online method for betting. Because of the online method, the betting process became quite easy while you can bet on the horse race betting sites which are the most reliable and trustful sites for betting online.