There have been many debates over the E-cigs whether it is beneficial for health or not, we don’t know whether it is beneficial for health or not but we do know that it is far better than the traditional cigs. The Traditional Cigs produces more tar which is very harmful to our body. The main Ingredient of traditional cigs is Tobacco which is really harmful to the body. There are many benefits of the E-cigs due to which people love to prefer the use of E-cigs.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

People who smoke a pack or more a day are destroying their health as well as wasting more money. People buy E-cigs because it saves money and provides the better experience. People who switched to E-cigs don’t want to go back to the traditional ones. You can get a variety of things at an affordable and cheap price.

  1. Don’t need to use ashtrays or lights etc

When you will see the harmful effect of the traditional cigs you will find out that the cigarettes butts which people throw on the streets or dustbins can result in fire and if animals will consume it will harmful for them too. While using the E-cigs you don’t have to take care of all the things like lighter, ashtrays etc.

  1. Odor/ Aroma
Juul pod flavors

Juul pod flavors

People who don’t smoke can’t tolerate the smell of the Traditional cigs, it makes them feel uneasy. E-cigs can come in the variety of flavors which give the decent aroma of the flavor used. There are some E-cigs of Juul that comes with many Juul pod flavors which left a nice light taste in the mouth and vapes give the light aroma of that flavor. This is also one of the most important reasons due which public allows its use in the public areas.

  1. Easy to handle and use

Due to its compact and easy features, you can use and carry it anywhere. As long as your pods’ battery and everything is okay you can use it anywhere easily.

  1. Comes in the variety of types

There are many types of the E-cigs which you can find easily in the market. Some of them are really awesome to use. Generally, you will find these four types of pods on the market.

  • Pen-Like mods
  • Pod-mods
  • Box-mods
  • Mechanical-mods

Every mod has its own specification due which they are famous in their particular variant.

These are some of the qualities which make people prefer E-cigs. Due to these features, people love using them.